Papeterie has been offering customers a dizzying array of paper, printing services, and gifts for more than 20 years.  We LOVE and take great pride in helping you design paper, whether for writing purposes, or inviting purposes!!  From traditional to whimsical, classic to quirky, Papeterie speaks to the most fun or elegant of note writers and party makers!

Papeterie is also known for our gifts...whether a hostess gift, a birthday gift,  a Christmas gift, a graduation gift, or a just-because gift.  We scour the country for unique and functional one-of-a-kind gifts and accessories.  You'll find things in our shop that you won't find anywhere else....not online, not at the mall...not at all!

These days it's so easy to go online and order anything and everything, but if you want customized and personalized attention, not to mention tender loving care, these are all things we pride ourselves on...and you won't get that online!

Alana Courtney

20 years  ago, when my daughters were very young, I was trying to teach them the importance of thank you notes.  And as anyone will tell you, that is not an easy job!  Well, I went to the nearest city to find a printer (60 miles away) and had little notecards printed with their names.  And guess what??  They loved their names in print so much that not only did they write their thank you notes, but also they were thinking of excuses to write anyone a thank you!

Through a quirk of fate, I found myself the owner of a small shop, and the rest is paper history!

Voted the Best

We're very proud of our little shop.  We think customer service is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of our business...actually, for ANY business!  In fact, we're so known for our customer service that we have been voted, by Virginia Living Magazine, as THE BEST GIFT AND PAPER SHOP IN EASTERN VIRGINIA...and we're in with some pretty impressive company...from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach.

If you've never been to the Northern Neck of Virginia, it's a beautiful medley of charming and historic little towns on the water (of course we're partial to Kilmarnock), with lots going on, and great places to stay (a HUGE destination wedding area), and we're happy to answer any questions you have, about us, or our area.